R R A Celje
Regionalna razvojna agencija
Celje, d.o.o.
Kidričeva ulica 25, 3000 Celje
Tel: 03 / 42 44 102
Fax: 03 / 42 44 182

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"We create an enterprising region"

Our mission

Our mission is, firstly, to offer a complete development as well as organizational, technical and financial support to the ‘Savinjska’ region by giving it a fresh development stimulus; secondly, to build up a central information and development network; and thirdly, to once be considered the generators of not only the umbrella regional but also sectoral and cross-sectoral projects. 

What do we represent?

We are a development company of the 'Savinjska regija' territory, which comprises of altogether 32 municipalities. Our activities are the activities of an operational structure having the ability to recognize development-related regional problems, as well as solve them due to the necessary instruments that we have at our disposal. By using the opportunities offered by the environment, our company is able to create an additional added value.

The main driving force of the company is the realisation of the following objectives:

  • to establish the appropriate conditions for influencing our own development and to deal with the national and European finances so as to direct them primarily to the priorities of the regional development programme;
  • to establish a regional development network and the coordination of work of individual regional and development institutions for the purpose of attaining common objectives;
  • to form a strong development coalition of the region;
  • to establish an effective access to all the information about the region;
  • to promote the region and to create as well as maintain the relations between the region and the target public;
  • to establish an effective partnership between the private and the public sector in Slovenia and abroad;
  • to establish and enable the functioning of a proper implementation structure for the utilisation of EU funds from structural funds at the entrance of Slovenia into the European Union.

Our advantages are founded on the new, up-to-date knowledge, advanced information technology and dynamic responsiveness to the requirements of the global market. Having an entrepreneurial temperament, we are able to create specific priorities regarding the competitiveness of the region and its entities.     

What services do we offer?

RRA Celje offers the following services to its business partners:

  • drafting of strategic and development programming documents;
  • drafting of establishments of the regional development planning systems;
  • drafting of feasibility studies;
  • drafting of business plans;
  • drafting of investment documents;
  • creation of project partnerships;
  • projects’ initiation;
  • projects’ implementation;
  • the creation and maintenance of the regional information system;
  • the promotion of the ‘Savinjska’ region
  • providing and identifying the financial resources for the projects’ realization;
  • providing the assistance to the entrepreneurs;
  • the development and creation of the industrial/ business zones in the region;
  • the creation of the optimum conditions for attracting foreign investors into the region;
  • participation in the European interregional projects;
  • advisory servicing and offering support at drawing up the projects for trying-up of the funds PHARE, ISPA, SAPARD, CARDS etc., as well as structural funds and community initiatives (INTERREG, EQUAL,URBAN, LEADER);
  • monitoring and evaluation of projects. 

How are we organised?

RRA Celje operates in accordance with project-oriented principles. In today’s dynamic business world, we strive to recognize all the hidden potentials of the region concerning the following six working areas:

  • Economic and technological infrastructure;
  • Entrepreneurship and technological development;
  • Human resources;
  • Environment and spatial planning;
  • Heritage, tourism and rural area.

The project and programme managers are responsible for a successful planning and implementation of the abovementioned programmes. 

 Business opportunities


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RRA - Regionalna razvojna agencija Celje, d.o.o.
Kidričeva ulica 25 (25 Kidričeva Street)
3000 Celje
Slovenija (Slovenia)

Managing Director: Boris Klančnik BSc (Econ.)

Telephone Number: +386 3 42 44 102
Fax: +386 3 42 44 182

Registration Number: 5949823
ID for VAT: 47373873

Transaction Account Number:
06000-0143548562 BANKA CELJE d.d.
33000-4737387356 HYPO ALPE-ADRIA-BANK d.d.

Year of start-up: 1996
Share Capital: 725.942.555,00 SIT
Legal Status: private limited company

The owners:

  • Companies: 50,32 %

  • Banks: 21,78 %

  • Other State and Non-state Institutions: 11,95 %

  • Municipalities of the ‘Savinjska’ region: 10,85 %

  • The Republic of Slovenia: 5,10 %



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